New Vortex Lifetime Tarp 12 X 26 Feet, Heavy Duty Marine Grade Cover, Grey

New Vortex Lifetime Tarp 12 X 26 Feet, Heavy Duty Marine Grade Cover, Grey

New Vortex Lifetime Tarp 12 X 26 Feet, Heavy Duty Marine Grade Cover, Grey

NEW VORTEX LIFETIME TARP 12 X 26 FEET, HEAVY DUTY MARINE GRADE COVER, GREY. Telephone Assistance Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm Central Standard.

Central Standard Time (Real People, Real Answers) Vortex Lifetime Tarps are just what the name implies... Tarps that last a lifetime. Our Vortex Lifetime Tarps are made from the same material we make our boat covers from. If it is tough enough for a marine environment, it is tough enough!

It is a marine grade polyester canvas. Generally, when you hear the term'canvas', it implies a cotton based product. These are not cotton based. The marine grade polyester canvas is a woven material, and has the feel sort of like a heavy duty backpack or duffle bag.

Unlike most tarps, it is not slick and plastic-like at all. Again, it is a woven material. It feels like a canvas or woven material. It just does not feel like a plastic tarp at all. Vortex Lifetime Tarps are made with the same marine grade polyester as our legendary boat covers, pontoon boat covers, kayak covers, canoe covers, etc are made from.

Now, it is not just marine grade polyester, as that is just the base. Just like with our boat covers, it is coated twice with polyurethane on the bottom side. Then it is treated with an additional waterproofing agent, and then treated with an anti-mold and anti-mildew agent.

It is also UV protected on the top, to cut down on damage from the sun. The material is extremely well suited for a marine environment, which is one of the toughest environments for a cover or tarp to survive in! Our Vortex Lifetime Tarps do not have grommets. We have historically avoided grommets for any of our covers, as grommets tend to scratch.

We figure that a lot of items that you would cover with a tarp would be items that you do not want scratched... Not always, but most of the time!!! Now, we recognize the need for some type of tie down mechanism, so we have loops sewn into the hem of the cover. These loops are sewn in every few feet all the way around the cover.

These loops serve the same purpose as grommets, plus quite a bit more. Our Vortex Lifetime Tarps come with a strap system. Expect one strap for each loop. The straps are about 6 feet long. They are made to double however, so they will extend and work up to a length of about 3 ft. This will work well for some scenarios and not too well for some scenarios. If they are not long enough for your application, you can use any straps of your choice, as the loops are there! We just cannot supply straps long enough for every situation, as there are just an infinite number of scenarios out there! We have used them to cover jeeps, hay, boats, firewood... It would be very difficult to explain to you why you need a tarp, but it is easy to describe the benefits of our Vortex Lifetime Tarps. Whereas most tarps, especially the ones commercially available at big box stores, etc are expected to last a few months at the most, Vortex Lifetime Tarps are expected, under typical circumstances, to last a lifetime. There is literally no comparison between our Vortex Lifetime Tarps and big box store tarps.

If you compare the different'grades' of tarps at big box stores, even their'heavy duty' is not comparable to ours. It is hard to explain with words, but there just is no comparison. Vortex Lifetime Tarps are not for everyone and for every situation. Sometimes, you need a tarp for temporary use, and an economy tarp is the way to go. But, if you want one to use and reuse that will last for years and years, that is what we have here.

We will be glad to help you. Let's work together, to make this a 100 percent positive experience for all involved! If you have new seats, especially new white vinyl seats, or recently recovered seats, especially seats recovered in white marine vinyl, please read this.

Please consider a lightly colored cover, such as beige or grey. The chemicals in marine vinyl, especially new, unseasoned white marine vinyl, are known to pull the dye out of of certain fabrics, including darkly colored boat covers. The process is called'crocking', and is widely covered on the internet. It is for this same reason, you would not want to put a wet swimsuit, jeans, etc, on new marine vinyl. The color can transfer from one surface to another.

The result could be stained seats. So, please consider a lightly colored cover. We really like the beige and grey, not only for this reason, but for a host of other reasons, also. It is impossible for this crocking or color transfer process to transfer with these lighter colors.

You will get a real person who can answer your questions. We call it'real people, real answers'! The item "NEW VORTEX LIFETIME TARP 12 X 26 FEET, HEAVY DUTY MARINE GRADE COVER, GREY" is in sale since Wednesday, June 8, 2016.

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New Vortex Lifetime Tarp 12 X 26 Feet, Heavy Duty Marine Grade Cover, Grey

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